Why You will pay at least 10$ For a 1gb pen-drive? What is there speciality? Just grab a em lying around. You can also reuse your old sd car or card reader.

UPDATE 04/04/2016-This is one of the instructables I made when I was a kid. So,sorry for the foolish instructable.

Step 1: Material

A card reader.3$ price in ebay. I grabbed a multi card reader.
A SD card. You can get 1gb less of 3$

Step 2: Making.

This is so easy. Just insert the sd card in the card reader. Download drivers for your computer and you're done!

Step 3: Additional Mods

1. You can grab a 64gb pendrive and make a super duper pendrive.
2. You can add LED lights to the card reader.
3. You can mod the card reader to get a flashy look.
4. You can use it as a ram with Windows Ready-boost.Think a computer with 64gb ram!
I agree anyone who uses drives knows about this. While Shayon Khaled may have just learned about this it is quite common knowledge
I don't think this is instruction as much as it is just common sense. It is cool that you tried to be helpful though.
<p>It is just a common sense but thank you</p>

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