Step 2: First Fold

Fold your paper in half the long way.
<p>awesome idea</p>
<p>leBron JAmes is the g.o.a.t.</p>
<p>it died. mine is still a rectangle</p>
<p>nice </p>
<p>I got confused on the 4th step. Not a good thing. More explaining needed.</p>
<p>Thank you! This was very easy to follow! The only thing I did differently was I cut all of the excess paper off of the top before shaping my snowflake. I do believe that this is the prettiest snowflake I have ever made! :D</p>
What is that nonsense above about &quot;war on Christmas&quot;? There is no war on Christmas. Just stick to the snowflake instructions, please.
TIP: For awesome realistic looking 'flakes, try to make all cuts at 60 degree angles.
If you can find a protractor, you can get the folds just right by lining up the center of the protractor with the little fold mark in the middle, and then marking 60 and 120 degrees out on the edge of the protractor. The folds should run from the center fold mark, through one of the 60/120 marks, dividing your snowflake into equal 60 degree sections. This is a math activity I use with elementary students about this time of year when they're too excited to focus on paper/pencil math problems.
I use a plastic 30-60-90 triangle to make these &quot;even thirds&quot; folds. You can get them in the art, school, or office section of any store. Still have to &quot;finagle&quot; a bit, but quick and easy. Best!
i don`t get it <br>
Don't get what? We can help you if we know where you are having trouble.
who invented the snowflake makeing thing? and how did they come up with it...i cant seem to find anything out on this subject and im doing a project about snowflakes for school and i need to figure out who stated it and how it was started if u would plz comment back i would apresheate it
<strong>i don't understand how to do this step..</strong>.<br/>
oh OK thank you
whats finagle
It means fiddle with it a little bit. It can be hard to make them line up properly on your first try, so just keep adjusting it until they are even.
Northeast... Where do you live? (state)
Western New York.

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