Picture of Make A Banana Split Dog Costume
Now it's Jersey's turn to be the model. She's far more tolerant of clothes than Dexter is.

It took me an hour & a half to make this costume and I spent $15 to buy the craft foam. All the other stuff I scavenged from around the house.

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Step 1: Tools & Supplies

Picture of Tools & Supplies
You will need – Various coloured sewing thread, a sewing needle, scissors, yellow, red & brown markers, yellow, white & black craft foam, some cheap white cloth, some white fiber stuffing, 3 red pom-poms, a slide lock, some nylon webbing, a large piece of paper, a measuring tape, a hot blue gun and a sewing machine.

You can do all the sewing by hand, if you wish, but it will take a looong time to make the costume.

Step 2: Making The Ice Cream Scoops

Picture of Making The Ice Cream Scoops
Step 1 - Cut 3 12″ X 12″ square pieces of white cloth. Use your red, brown & yellow markers to create the look of “sauce”.

Step 2 - Sew a red pom-pom “cherry” onto the middle of the fabric.

Step 3 - Turn the fabric over and add a handful of the fiber stuffing

Step 4 - Take two opposite corners and tie them together.

Step 5 - Tie the other two corners together. Now you have your first ice cream scoop.

 Repeat the process for to make the other ice cream scoops.
rrkrose2 years ago
This is adorable! I really want to make this for my dog. Hopefully he won't tear it up like all the other clothes I've put on him!