Step 3: The Parts

Picture of The Parts
Here are the parts per the schematic

1 LM7805 5V regulator (blue box)
1 1k Resistor - this is for the feedback (green box)
1 182 Ohm resistor -this is for the LED (green box)
1 1k Pot - The adjustable resistor used for setting the voltage (red box)
1 LED - any color that isnt too bright
1 680uF 16V Capacitor -(Optional)-Used because the source is more than 6 inches away from the regulator (purple box)
1 1uF 16V Capacitor (optional also) - Same reason, used to help regulation. (purple box)
2 2.54 mm Headers I salvaged from a Old motherboard- These are used to plug in to the board
1 2.5mm Plug. I also salvaged this part, but got it from a old Speaker power supply (the grey box).

Also optional is a small TO-220 heatsink. I added this on for the hell of it since its adjustable (a bit of insurance). If you dont have a heatsink the LM78xx series will shutdown if it gets too hot or if you short the output. You can also use a screw and a peice of aluminum (not aluminum foil!-its too thin) or extra Copper PCB as a heatsink. The heat transfer may not be as good, but its better than nothing.