Introduction: Make a Charger Case for Any Phone

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This will teach you how to make a charger case for any phone. (Note, it needs to be able to be charged through a USB port)

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:
1 USB connectable battery
1 phone case for your phone
1 short charger cord for your phone
A way to secure the battery to your case eg; super glue, Blu tack etc.

Step 2: Connecting the Battery

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By using whatever you have chosen to connect the battery to the case, stick it to the case and make sure it is firm

Step 3: The Cord

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Take your short charging cord for your phone and plug it in to the usb port on the battery if the battery has a keyring (like mine) just put the wire through the keyring

Step 4: Insert Your Phone

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Simply place your phone into the case and plug in the wire.


Pantera.Grimmjow (author)2016-10-14

Its nice but doesnt represent the title. A case would protect the phone which this clearly does not. You may want to change the title to better reflect your end product

What i meant to say is it isnt like the professionally made ones that conceal the battery within the case

seamster (author)2014-12-19


dvan nielen (author)seamster2014-12-23


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