Picture of Make A Chicken Pass Out
I learned this at school(of all places) how to safly and huminly knock a chicken out

Step 1: All you need to do....

Picture of All you need to do....
Once you have gotten hold of a chicken(your on your own there)
stick its head under its wing, hold the wings so that they are flat on its body and swing the chicken in a large circle for about 2-3 minutes. it works best if you swing fast on desent and slow on the asent.After 2 minutes of contious swinging the chicken should have pass out, if not they walk funny for a minute
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You can also hang the chicken upside down to know it out. this get the job done, AND gives the chickens brain PLENTY of blood.

lol. what will peta say? 
Chicken Pita?
billien8 years ago
Why are wanting to knock the chicken out?. If its because you feel like chicken tonite, try killing the chock the nite before. Chickens like to sleep at nite and they can,t see in the dark. Therefore they can't see the hachet or any other wepons of mass destruction. In fact the chicken will be in a peaceful slumber and won't remeber what happened
Wont remember what happened? I remember the last time i was murdered in my sleep.....
Murf billien8 years ago
or you could p;ut them in an air-tight room and fill it with CO2... probably would be best if there was a window in the room so oyu could watch the hilarity... but make sure there are now leaks around the window or any other enterance/exit to the room or you'll be joining the chicken in the "Great Hen House In The Sky"
well its still animal cruelty!
So is it cruel when they put you under sedation to pull your teeth or perform surgery on you?
watermelon8 years ago
Would this work on T-Rex?
No, thier arms are too little to tuck thier heads under. You should try it though, and make an 'ible. I want pictures of someone swinging a T-rex around.
I've never seen an instructable spawn so many hateful comments. I always thought it was funny that most people who preach "animal respect" have very little "people respect". I guess it's just easier to respect something that can never disagree with you.
I'm voting for you when the next election rolls around.
mailmanbam6 years ago
lol my chickens are too fast and i reckon killing chooks is normal, its just like a tigar and a deer, this isnt being cruel cmon get a life
davidpucio6 years ago
you can just put its head near the ground and draw a line in the dirt from its face out to make it stop moving then you erase the line and it will keep on living without trauma my friend did this to every chicken on his dads ranch and his dad thought they had all died
basicdesign7 years ago
that was most useful, thnks. Reminded me of seeing the farmer putting the chicken's head under the wing but not turning around on himself to turn the chicken around, only swinging it in very wide semi-circles, and as you say: faster on the descent, slow on the ascent. It makes them sleep. He'd do it before moving them too, less agitation for everyone. Gotta be cruel to want it otherwise. I don't agree with the 'tree-hugger' qualification. No tree-hugger I know would miss the point that it's obviously better for the chicken. No, in this case I'd go for 'new-age-ists'. To be in some cases read as 'the new wave of people who makes the rest of the lot feel older than they should' :-|
Ashtro19697 years ago
Choking the Chicken is quicker.....lol
nate1217 years ago
ok im sick of this here is why your vegetariens sould be qiuit 1.its not killing 2.it does not harm the chicken 3.chickens are labled livestock so it is humane to do this 4.vegetarians are only protecing their own kind when when they protech chickens...
Gerbinski7 years ago
its not even animal cruelty. it just makes the chicken go to sleep. u tree huggers need to get lives and quit bugging the rest of us with ur whining.
kraM Gerbinski7 years ago
I 2ed
tbenefi337 years ago
Why can't we all just get along...LOL Chickens are raised for eating.
ChaseReno8 years ago
This makes sense and actually has a purpose. Ever try to commit first aid on a chicken that is freaking out? If everyone would shut up about animal cruelty for a minute... Now, swinging it by its neck would kill it....but that's another instructable.
yeah, i agree with surveyor_76...... you people should learn some respect for other living things. keep in mind that this chicken is LIVING!!! its like you and me it has a life. how would you like to be held and turned around untill you pass out?!!!
I once worked with a tree hugger, he was a vegan ( loonie). He calimed he never harmed animals. I presented to him the murder as convenience argument. Every time you drive your car, hundreds of bugs are crushed and destroyed on your windshield ( windscreen). You could spare all of those "lives" by simply not driving. But you don't want to inconvenience yourself, so murder away!!
Thermionic8 years ago
Animal Cruelty? Have you ever seen the instructable on how to make a cow pass out and then turn it into sever hundred cheeseburgers?
Ryson8 years ago
Hey iagree wi doggymalley this is cruel imagine wat the chicken thinks " I crap here he comes again maybe i should play dead oh no' he wakes up wat the hell did i drink last night that may not have bin funny but its still cruel
rotor8 years ago
Man, this is going to save me a fortune on my bar tab.
pyrotech_wannabe (author)  rotor8 years ago
hey pal wat does that haf to do with wat i wrote....?i would really like to no write me i_love_tator_tots_09@yahoo.com....
you have to learn some f*ing respect for animals and why the hell would school teach you this? just because they teach you this doesnt mean you have to tell every one else!!!!
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English is of greater value than you?
English owns you, silly.
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surveyor_768 years ago
What the hell, do you really need to post stuff about animal cruelty? Learn some respect.
ok then well test allthe shampoos and poisinos products on you before the public would you rather have a stupid mouse have to drink fruit juce or you burning a hole in your colon.plus this is not animal cruelty
THIS IS NOT ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SHUT UP ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Icepick8 years ago
u r a mfb. so stfu about killin chickens you meaner man! \ / _
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