Introduction: Make a Clay Model Air Plane

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Have you ever wanted a model of your favorite airplane but can't find it in a store or if you do it cost way to Much. Then this is for you.

Step 1: Materials

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Card stock paper

Super glue

Step 2: Pick Your Favorite Air Plane

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Pretty Much self explanatory. however, I would chose a single engine mono plane

Step 3: The Fuselage

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Take the clay an role it between your hand. Don't make it to thin or it will break. Then start to mold it into shape and add a cock pit

Step 4: The Tail

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Take a piece of clay and flatten it then take a knife and carve it to the right shape of the vertical stabilizer

Step 5: Wings

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Take the card stock and draw the out line of the wing and horizontal stabilizers then glue them to the side of the fuselage.

This is the most time consuming part of the hole plane so just be patient.

Step 6: Painting

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Pick your favorite design for the air plane or make your own. I would suggest keeping it simple


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