Step 9: Cutting and Perfecting the Voicing

Put the popsicle stick into the mouthpiece and put the mouthpiece into the hole with the popsicle stick in it. push the popsicle stick into the clay in front of it and cut on a slant towards the popsicle stick. This slant makes noise when air is blown onto it.
<p>The green vurdigo domain is parked right now. I can't access it? Any other websites or ways around it?</p>
Wait, is sculpey non toxic?
<p>OuO I have sculpey clay (and made an amazing ocarina out of it!) and it is non-toxic, making it perfect for this!</p>
I believe its non toxic, but you should check the package first.
Is it possible to make an ocarina out of sculpey?
<p>Yes it is! I actually made one out of sculpey (and as long as you follow this tutorial, you'll be fine!) and mine's just amazing, it actually works better than the one i bought at a con :D</p>
im pissed the only clay i could find around town is freakin air dry and baking and they suck where can i find the good made clay &gt;O&lt;
<p>Actually, oven bake clay is amazing! i made mine based off this tutorial, and it works amazingly! i use Sculpey clay (oven bake) and it's beautiful! and there's a lot of colors you can get with sculpey so you can make your ocarina any color you want.</p>
<p>DO NOT BURNISH IT IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON GLAZING. Glazes need texture to be able to stick to the piece, but burnishing smooths the surface, so do one or the other, but not both</p>
<p>I want to make this in my art class, but I'm wondering how you make it into a proper key with 10 holes, I have a 6 hole so I'm looking for something a bit more advanced. Also, how does one create the mold? Thanks in advance and sorry I'm a few years late</p>
it is also possible to make a pinch pot ocarina, its a lot easier, and your can really play with the design, you can also just take a completely solid block of clay, mold it into your shape, cut it in half and remove the inside. I've been making ocarinas for a while now, so if you need any help, just email or message me!
I've been planning out an art project which combined ceramics, sound, sight etc. and I love this instrument! I have been investigating how to make my own and am curious how one tunes it and how the mouth piece must be shaped to properly produce the sound. It seems tuning is in part based on sauce of the cavity in the instrument and in part where the holes are places and which ones you cover. Am I corrrect? I think I may buy some cheap toy versions and deconstruct them to look inside and play around with clay to see how I can best make my own version that goes with my project. Any suggestions would be great!
How big are the finger holes? Also, where did the edges go in steps 6-8? One last question, ccan this be made if oven-bake clay? Sorry about all the questions, just want to get it right with minimal expenses.
I am in the middle of making an ocarina, and I am having trouble getting it to play high notes. Low notes come out nicely, but the higher you go, the more airy it sounds, until no sound comes out at all. On www.greenverdugo.com, it says to lower the mouthpiece so that it is closer to the lip of the voice box to get stronger high notes; but when I do that, the low notes become airy as well, or no notes come out at all.
<p>This doesnt really work. Im using the correct methods and items but after taking the mould from the clay, every thing just flops and doesn't work. Why?</p>
<p>I think you didn't let the clay harden enough. I feel like this is a longer project, that takes maybe a week to do (for hardening/dry time).</p>
<p>Yo, I just wanted to know if it was okay if I used a few of your ideas in an ocarina I want to make for an instructables contest. It is really a lot different, but a few things on your ible are really useful for me (popsicle stick, etc.). I utterly failed at this in 8th grade so congratulations to you. I will definitely direct my readers to you ible, because it is really helpful and genius. I hope this is no problem.</p><p>P.s. Think of it a receiving inspiration for a song, then mentioning the inspiration in the lyrics (citing).</p>
<p>Thanks For The Instructions...I Got An A+ On Make A Interment In School. :)</p>
What sizes are the holes?
I'm so confused, this isn't working. I'm trying to get it to make sound, but all I can hear is my breath through the hole.
Your mouthpiece hole is probably to far from the whistle hole
What kind of clay did you use?
Cool!!! <br> <br>Even though at first I thought it was a liver.
ooops, saw the finger chart...since I make native flutes, I was wondering more about location of holes and tuning, or is it random to what ever shape? Since location and shape can mean it plays....or not, and some holes may mean nothing in the end for tuning purposes. Anyway, thank you for sharing this idea! <br>Cheers <br>Tangski.
Ok, very nice. I take it this is a drone instrument with one sound? As I missed the hole placement. Also, the angle (sound ramp that splits the air so you get a tone) of the sound phipple is around 45 degrees? The angle of that measurement would help when building the mouth piece:) <br>One can also racqu fire these as well...put them into burning/hot smoldering sawdust...an old style fire method that has neat results for a finish. <br> <br>Thnks! <br>Tangski.
can it be made from cold porcelain?
So where did the slip things go in steps 6-8?
can you make it any size? or that same size?<br>
The size you make your ocarina will affect what key it's in, so if you make a large ocarina, it will be in a lower key than a smaller ocarina. I would suggest making a smaller ocarina though, because with wind instruments the lower the note, the softer you have to blow, making it easier to play instruments in higher keys
This is awesome. I would love to see this with some terra sig art on it!
Don't paint it, glaze it :P<br><br>Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to try to make this in ceramics class and hope that the teacher doesn't think it's a bong.
can it be made out of air dry clay<br />
yep. I actually doubted that it could be done since air dry clay kinda sucks, but I was able to pull it off. I just had to be extremely careful, and also, keeping your hands moist might be a good idea.
is the carrot shaped mold already hardden
Does yours make noise?
It does if you cut the voicing correctly, <br /> If you follow all of the steps you should have a working instrument. =P<br />
Cool, if it takes a few days to dry then i dont have the patience for this but ill make this eventually, im not very paitent. I never actually played ocarina of time but i hav phantom hourglass and i can play the original on this website but i cant save, yesterday i spent from 8 in the morning to 9 at night playin but somethin went rong with the computer and i lost ALL that stuff i did, i was so mad i almost fainted
i don't think anyone cares about your phantom hourglass story. . .
I dont even remember posting that Phantom Hourglass comment but yeah I used to always go on and on so things Im talking about make sense, but I dont really do that anymore, for example...
get a life?
why dont y- oh who am i kiddin your right
i have ocarina of time now on my computer but im stuck on the boss of the forest dungeon
im working on one now i couldnt get the voicing right
when you put grooves on clay to hold two pieces together its called scoring <br>
can we make one like the zelda one?
Does it have to be that exact size or can it be what ever size you want?
Hey I was wondering if it is possible to do this with air dry clay? Or is it to brittle?
What size did you make the &quot;carrot&quot; ? or doesn't it realy matter?
does the hole go all the way through into the ocarina?

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