Make a Clay Pot Pretty With a Clay Tie-On




Introduction: Make a Clay Pot Pretty With a Clay Tie-On

It is easy to take a clay pot up a notch with some ribbon and a tie-on. It will make any gift a little more special.

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Step 1: Color Clay

Add Crumb Cake ink refill to a small amount of Simply Pressed Clay and knead until the color is mixed through. Roll into a ball.

Step 2: Roll Clay

Place the clay between two pieces of Freezer Paper and roll out. Place the wax coated side to the inside.

Step 3: Cut Clay

Cut out clay with a round cookie cutter or other round object. I used a bottle cap.

Step 4: Stamp Clay

Ink and stamp image on to the clay disc. Let dry.

Step 5: Paint Clay

Paint with acrylic paint. Let dry.

Step 6: Clear Coat Clay

Cover with a clear lacquer like Crystal Effects. Let dry.

Step 7: Tie to Pot

Wrap ribbon around pot and tie a bow. Tie the clay tie-on with linen thread to bow. give gift.

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