Picture of Make A Coca Cola Mosaic Table
A while back, I found some 12 inch by 12 inch ceramic tile, bright red, at a thrift store.  I purchased a few as I have done some mosaic work and like these tiles. My first thought of how to utilize them was " make a Coca-Cola mosaic".  It took awhile, but I finally got around to making the mosaic table shown in this instructable. I made a little video of the process; access it here:
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Step 1: Collect Tools and Materials

Picture of Collect Tools and Materials
I had all the tools and materials needed as I have done other mosaic projects in the past. Basic tools include: tile nippers, hammer, glass scorer/cutter, grozing pliers from stain glass work, putty knives, Dremel tool, etc.  For the table itself, I chose to use a 24in. diameter piece of particle board. For the grouting process a window squeegee, a putty knife, a grouting sponge and a bucket of water are used.

Step 2: First, Prime Table Blank

Picture of First, Prime Table Blank
I used regular latex paint to prime the table top with. This will seal and allow for better adhesion of the tile adhesive used.

Step 3: Make "Coca-Cola" Lettering On Computer

Picture of Make
3-21 004.JPG
For my pattern for the lettering, I simply copied a coke sign off of the internet, pasted or inserted the image into my word processor, adjusted the size to the appropriate dimensions and then printed the images onto card stock.  I sized the letters so that Coca was on one 8.5x11 in of paper, and Cola was on a second page.  This way, the size I ended up with was the ideal size to fit on the 24 inch blank.

Step 4: Cut out Lettering With Scissors

Picture of Cut out Lettering With Scissors
I have found that using scissors instead of a craft knife is more efficient in cutting out lettering such as this.  The craft knife is necessary,however, to cut out the "o's" and "a's" centers.

Step 5: Transfer Pattern To Table Top

Picture of Transfer Pattern To Table Top
coke1 006.JPG
coke1 005.JPG
As shown, I used black spray paint to transfer pattern to the table top.  Any colors can be used, I simply had a can of black readily available.  All the priming and patterns will be covered with the mosaic tiles.
This is totally cool! I love Coca Cola!
Crucio2 years ago
Cman, that looks absolutely fantastic! I've got to add this to my projects list for this summer!
leonardml2 years ago
Well done 'table and table. Thanks for sharing.
snideprime2 years ago
Oh, I like it! I have filed it in my "future projects" file....said file is getting rather huge anymore.
LOL - Sounds like me - I have to live to be 150 to make everything in the projects file.
Still, better that than having nothing to look forward to. =^..^=
ChrysN2 years ago
Awesome job, that looks great!
Creativeman (author)  ChrysN2 years ago
Thank you!
love2die1002 years ago
Great Job,thx4sharing the steps here ,I have a wall in my backyard and was thinking to do something like this but missed the steps,but thank God you shared your experience here with us.
From Berlin,best regards.
Creativeman (author)  love2die1002 years ago
Thank you, and you are welcome.
chabias2 years ago
Well done....and nice touch adding the Coke glass in a picture.
Creativeman (author)  chabias2 years ago
Thanks, chabias!
caitlinsdad2 years ago
Nice job! I always wanted to do something like this to make a custom sign in the style of New York City Subway mosaic station signs. Fairly new product they have at the home center is adhesive tile mat, essentially a big double-sided mastic tape for tile. You could lay it out and the pieces would be stuck, no need to lift and apply mastic under. The other thought is once you have it laid out, cover it all with tape or adhesive paper so you can lift the entire design up in one piece and apply the mastic under. It truly is a labor of love to make one of these.
Creativeman (author)  caitlinsdad2 years ago
Thanks for your comments and interest. The materials and onchniques you mention look interesting. As time permits will look into them, thanks again.
poofrabbit2 years ago
LOVELY!!!! What a great instrctable as well on creating a mosaic table! Nice job! 5 stars
Creativeman (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Thank you!
Ninzerbean2 years ago
This is great, it's a project that you can leave alone for awhile and come back to work on periodically and the work area is pretty well contained. I like how you painted the sides of the table in red. You should never put tiles on the edge (as I'm sure you know) because they will always fall off. Why did you use sanded grout vs un-sanded? The spaces seem small enough that you could have used un-sanded.
Creativeman (author)  Ninzerbean2 years ago
Thanks Ninzerbean! Yes the time element played a big role...took a long time. But it was fun to do and I like the result. I used the sanded grout only because I had some left over from another project and being ever frugal, didn't want to buy more at this point. Unsanded probably is preferred, but the sanded worked fine for this project.