Have you ever thought your windows needed a little pizzazz?  I didn't, but my wife did; so guess what?  It was up to me to make it happen!  Luckily it was a fun and easy weekend project that we could do together.

Step 1: Get The Required Stuff

I went to the Home Depot and had them cut a sheet of 1/8" plywood into 8" strips.  I also got any materials that I didn't have around the house, such as drywall anchors, "L" brackets and extra staples for the staple gun

I then gathered up all the tools and materials I thought I would need.

-Measuring Tape or Yardstick
-Staple Gun & Staples
-Small Shelf Brackets (I got the smallest I could find which were about 3-4 inches per "arm"
-Short screws for attaching brackets to the cornice
-Drywall anchors
-Screws appropriate for use with drywall anchors

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