If you are just getting into building musical instruments or a professional luthier you should know that a good template is always the starting point to building a great instrument. Just like most lutiers in the past I hand cut an shaped my templates. The process is demanding and labor intensive and very difficult to do with great precision. Those days are long gone for me now. When I discovered that i could produce my own templates just like the fancy ones I have  seen in catalogs for relative little expense, and that I could design and custom build any instrument I wanted with theses custom templates, I knew it was going to change my entire perspective of building instruments. I now spend more time actually building and far less time preparing and hand shaping templates, a process that took longer than it did to actually build a solid body guitar. They where too good to keep a secret so I'm writing the Instructabale to share how I am able to build custom instruments in a rapid process that is satisfying and fun. I will demonstrate the use of these templates by building a Solid guitar body.

Check out the TwoCherriesInstruments.com website and send them your ideas to have a great set of templates made for your next build.

This Video is an intro to using templates...

This video building a guitar body with templates...


Step 1: Designing the Template

So maybe you have some images, a drawing or sketch, or maybe just an idea for a custom instrument. How do you get from there to templates? Back in the days you would have to draw up a plan for your custom instrument by hand,  but today we do that kind of work on the computer. Maybe you already have some outlines of your ideas in scetchup or some other drawing program, how do you get them made into templates?

Well, its easy! whether you have everything ready to be sent to the CO2 laser cutter or your just trying to get an idea together the folks at


have you covered. you can send in files, images, sketches, whatever you've got. just send them in and they will produce a perfect auto cad file that can be cut into the templates you need to get the work done. All the work of contracting with Laser cutting services and making your files function in there system is done for you. you just send in what you have, they convert it to template outlines that you approve or suggest changes to and when your satisfied they have the templates cut and shipped to your doorstep.

How much did this cost?
the templates I used for this cost around $60. laser cute in 1/8 clear acrylic is about $0.15 per inch
the templates cost $4.25/ minute for cutting time. for a simple design it can be as low as $30-40 and the more complex parts or parts made from thicker acrylic the more it costs. they will design your parts and give you a total for free.
<p>Are the templates available to download?</p>
<p>Where is your eye protection?!? Especially when routing</p>
you are correct, I should definitely be wearing eye protection, and I normally do...
<p>how can I get a template</p>
send an email to twocherriesinstruments@gmail.com describing what you need
<p>Great video. I had been planning a lightweight electric guitar designed with backpacking in mind with a battery powered, one man speaker built in (not a concert hall instrument), just one I can play where inspiration occurs. There are some neat ideas and methods presented in the video that will help me in my instrument. </p>
<p>that is amazing! Do you think I could use this to make a electric cello?</p>
absolutely, and that would be awesome!
wow interesting

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