Picture of Make A Dessert Stand Out Of K'nex!!!
Having a party can be a blast!!! Inviting all your friends and family over to share good food, conversation, and entertainment can turn a good day into a great one-unless you have no place to put your food! Your entire party can go sour if you don't have any place to arrange all of the sweet treats you have prepared! Luckily, there is a quick solution; make a dessert stand out of K'nex! Doing so is fast and fun, and it looks good when you have completed it! So if you want to have a great party with delicious desserts on a colorful display stand, let's get started!!!
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
You will need: 28 white connectors, 8 blue connectors, 28 yellow connectors, 8 green connectors, 20 grey connectors, 4 red connectors, 117 green rods, 95 white rods, and 2 yellow rods. (310 pieces total).

Step 2: Make The Outer Octagon

Picture of Make The Outer Octagon
Build a octagon by repeating the pattern "2 yellow connectors, one green," until you have a full frame.

Step 3: Outer Circle: Pieces

Picture of Outer Circle: Pieces
Build 8 of the pieces shown. Make sure they are all identical!

Step 4: Outer Circle: Attach

Picture of Outer Circle: Attach
Attach the pieces you have just made to the frame where shown. Notice they do not connect yet. When attaching them, make sure they are all facing the same direction!

Step 5: Inner Circle: Pieces

Picture of Inner Circle: Pieces
Make 8 of the pieces shown. Make sure they are all the same!

Step 6: Inner Circle: Attach

Picture of Inner Circle: Attach
Attach the pieces to the outer circle where shown. Make sure they are all facing the same direction!

Step 7: Base: Frame

Picture of Base: Frame
Build the frame of the base, which is shown here.

Step 8: Neckpiece: Bottom Pieces

Picture of Neckpiece: Bottom Pieces
Take A blue connector and a grey connector and slide them together. Next, add a green rod to the top. Repeat to get 8 pieces total.

Step 9: Pair Up

Picture of Pair Up
Separate the pieces you just made into pairs. Next, connect each pair with a green rod.

Step 10: Make Sets Of Four

Picture of Make Sets Of Four
Connect the pairs together to get two four-piece groups.

Step 11: Connect Groups

Picture of Connect Groups
Connect the two groups together using white rods.

Step 12: Fill In

Picture of Fill In
Fill in the spaces in the center using white rods.

Step 13: Attach To Base Frame

Picture of Attach To Base Frame
Attach the piece you just completed to the base frame using green rods.
OatmealPie1 year ago
Can I haz dee cookiezz?
nerfrocketeer (author)  OatmealPie1 year ago
No. They have all been eaten by Mr. F. XD
nerfrocketeer (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago
Good job doing the assignment
The Knexer1 year ago
nerfrocketeer (author)  The Knexer1 year ago
Hmm. Sorry for the late reply, I never got a notification for this comment. Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah...
:-0 You have successfully melded my two favorite things...K'nex and food! ;-D Great job!
Haha thanks!
How long should it take
To build? About a half hour.
hunter9992 years ago
Haha cool, simple and effective! Well done!
nerfrocketeer (author)  hunter9992 years ago
Np mate :D
nerfrocketeer (author)  hunter9992 years ago
Pass the cookies please. XD, nice bro. =D
XD thanks!
JonnyBGood2 years ago
Nice! Now you're thinking outside the box, or in this case the cookie jar! =P
Great idea! Good job becoming featured again!
nerfrocketeer (author)  JonnyBGood2 years ago
Thanks!!! :P
No prob. Love random stuff and so does the ible community.
Nerf, you're officially the "I build useful objects out of K'nex" guy. Those cookies look pretty good, too. :3
Haha! Thanks! There's more to come! (Those are Chips Ahoy). :3 :P
HollyMann2 years ago
Wow - great job! Looks stunning!
nerfrocketeer (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
Thanks!!! Thanks for featuring it!!! :D