Picture of Make A Frozen Crystal Ball!
Make an ice ball that you can use to put in a cooler/lunchbox, stick an LED in to light it up, put a stick in for a giant unflavored popsicle, pretend your a fortune teller with a melting crystal ball, or just show to people.

Step 1: Fill balloon with water.

Picture of Fill balloon with water.
Fill a balloon with water and tie it of.
Hahaha thos are awsome
gogglecrab3 years ago
If You were to freeze tonic water, you can make it glow under black light! : )
mike22mike6 years ago
I'm going to go make a bunch of these and fire them with my water balloon launcher
Ouch wouldn't wanna be hit by one of those!
imshanedulong (author)  mike22mike6 years ago
Not only is that "ouch," but that could also kill, considering an ice ball would probably be as hard as a typical rock.
XD XD cool! maybe make some smaller ones and put them in a potatoe cannon!
thing 26 years ago
me and my brother would makes these all the time and put the on our trampoline! sometimes even break them into little pieces and it hurt but it was very fun!!! you would have to try to not get hit by them! you could also play my version of poison ivy on the trampoline with these!
thing 2 thing 26 years ago
which will be posted later on when i know how to post an instructable.......
click submit and enter instructions pics or vids (one is required) and tags
Oh Boy...!
instead of boiling or filtering like everyone else says, just use de-ionized (distilled) water. no contaminants to fog the ice.
imshanedulong (author)  Father Christmas6 years ago
Cool! That could work!
mitchell127 years ago
Yep boiling and filtering the water would make it much clearer I might give it a try like that.
imshanedulong (author)  mitchell127 years ago
Thanks for reminding me I was gonna mention boiling! although, it may melt rubber.
after boiling it, you're supposed to let it cool off after.
I assumed that was obvious but I guess not.
yeah it was obvious to me. i guess not him.
...don't put this in your lunch. Unless you want a puddle of water, of course.
imshanedulong (author)  Weissensteinburg7 years ago
I meant leave it in the balloon!
Punkguyta7 years ago
Wow that was a rather misleading title.
imshanedulong (author)  Punkguyta7 years ago
mikeasaurus7 years ago
step 4: Throw
Step 5: run and deny
Step 6: Profit!!
Step 7: Celebration!
imshanedulong (author)  mikeasaurus7 years ago
i think you should re-name this instructable "how to freeze a water balloon"
imshanedulong (author)  tubbychick3n7 years ago
To Simple. Plus it gives it away.
I like it. Lots of creative things you can do with this.
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
if you boil the water twice, it should be close to crystal-clear