Picture of Make A Garden Table With Running Water!
I wanted a table to use as a cleaning station for my concrete projects, but that would double in usage for other things: Cleaning vegetables from the garden, filling water containers, cleaning garden tools, potting plants, etc.  Since it is an outside table, I could use recycled fence boards for most of the parts, and for the top I used two old 1 x 12inch pine boards I found.  All I had to purchase was the faucet, the aerator, the hose splitter and a few pvc pieces.
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Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools To Use

Picture of Gather Materials and Tools To Use
pot table 004.JPG
pot table 005.JPG
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I like the concept of reusing or recycling materials, so it was an easy choice to get my boards from my stash of used fence boards.  I've used 50 year old cedar boards, and even though they are greyed on the outside, when cut, they look like they just came from the mill!  The usual wood working tools are used, table saw, drills, cut off saw, screwdrivers, etc.  It's nice to have lots of power tools, but they are not required to make simple wood working projects.

For the plumbing, I purchased a new faucet and aerator.  For the pvc, I had most of that on hand, but did need to buy two hose bibb to pvc pipe pieces, and the hose splitter so that the table could be hooked up to my water source, but also allow me to use a hose for the garden and other plants I have.  
Mastros3 years ago
Since the table is in the garden, may I suggest that one shouldn't use any chemical detergents, that are normally used in the kitchen. In the garden, these chemicals will go to the ground and end at the roots of trees and flowers. It will be like a tanker spilling oil in your garden!!
Mastros3 years ago
> 50 year old cedar boards, and even though they
> are greyed on the outside, when cut, they look
> like they just came from the mill!

Yes! Yes, they do!! And they even smell wonderfully like they were just cut from the tree!!

If a piece of wood is not rotten, it will only be greyed on the outside, but untouched in the interior.
draraman3 years ago
well done
simple and practical
sunshiine3 years ago
This is exactly what we need! Nice!
Creativeman (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
No more bending, genius! I might stick a piece of lino on mine for wiping clean and to help water run off. This is really natty and such a nice idea, thanks.
alambert3 years ago
great idea; i have done something similar but have to admit i was lazy and purchased a table at a flea market for $5.00 that worked great ... old kitchen table and as my yard area is partially covered by an overhead deck was not overly concerned with water and then to just throw a drop cloth over it (and cat has made it her outside bed too)
Creativeman (author)  alambert3 years ago
That'll work! Thanks for your comment.
Kasm2793 years ago
Cool idea, looks like its really useful. The only thing I might do is make the entire thing from brass or something a little more durable.
Creativeman (author)  Kasm2793 years ago
Thanks for the comment!
My suggestion would be to have the table made on a sloping angle away from the tap, and a small lip around the "top" and two sides to allow any extra water to run in a direction.

Fantastic tutorial though
Creativeman (author)  amethysteria3 years ago
Thanks for your comments.
tinker2343 years ago
karlpinturr3 years ago
Darn! - I wanted it to be an actual table MADE WITH running water!!!... ;D
ChrysN3 years ago
Nice, that looks really handy!
Creativeman (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Thanks, it is very handy!
Ninzerbean3 years ago
You make it look so easy! The mark of a great Instructable!
Creativeman (author)  Ninzerbean3 years ago
Thanks, Ninzerbean!