Picture of Make A GhettoBlaster Tricycle
A ghettoblaster tricycle(its just what i named it) is a adult tricycle with the loudest speakers you can get on it. This thing is a fully fiberglassed enclosure with 2 15" woofers, 5 tweeters and 1 mid range. Its powered by a deep cycle battery and is used with a dual lane 2400 watt amplifier located inside. It has a car stereo that controls the volume and the music. The backrest is covered in purple felt and lined with a rubber strip. There are 2 sets of lights on the back with a total of 50 leds each of blue and red lights with a controler box located under neath the speakers.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1 - Adult Tricycle (Found one for 300$ on craigslist)
1 - Concert Speaker (Mine has 2 15" woofers, 5 tweeters and 1 mid range)
1 - 1400 watt (Depending on speakers)Car amp
1 - Car Stereo
1 - Deep cycle 12volt battery
1 - Pair of blue and red led's
Fiberglass supplies (Fiberglass mat, fiberglass resin, catalyst, polyester)
Lots of bondo for car shaping
Particle Board
Speaker Wire
Spray paint
Optional Tools i used:
Staple Gun
Nail Gun
Reciprocating Saw
Spray on glue
Lots of Gloves


You are a master. Marry me!

frenzy6 years ago
Hey Nice bike, but beware, blue lights are technically illegal on all vehicles, including bikes. I would go with Purple and Green Lights!
why are blue lights illegal?
Because they simulate law enforcement and first responders like Fire & EMS.....and its a big no no if u get caught using them (in some states)
Because poor people might think a K-Mart sale was going on! Those folks are challenged enough.
frenzy pfred26 years ago
you're only a few dollars from being poor, so can it.
blue lights are reserved for emergency vehicles only. it's in the California vehicle code.
Remember that there are 50 states in this country, and the laws vary from state to state. In NH, blue lights are not allowed on motor vehicles that don't belong to the police, but there are no restrictions on bicycles. Despite that, I would also recommend against using blue LED because you would be limited as to what states you can use them in. Since it's on the back, I would use all red LEDs as a tail light.
Even cooler is the fact that in FL there are no vehicular light limitations in place.Woot Woot.
jhonny4 years ago
Did you make the trike and if yes how did you make the rear axle.
PCfreak jhonny2 years ago
umm no he bought the trike on Craigslist....
fueler3352 years ago
apix (author)  fueler3352 years ago
Thanks! I still have this awesome thing :)
LkArio5 years ago
1. build this
2. play death
3. ????
oh... now i REALLY want to get my trailer system's PARTS rolling now! way cool!

how about showing your rig off at bikeology.net? i keep trying to get more active members there. right now, i'm working on a DJ system, but will also be building and updated version of my instructable slideshow system, & a couple dirt cheap hobo systems along with my 10" subbed trailer.

seeing this system makes me want to tackle supposedly easier to work with bamboo glass for either an on bike sculpted system like this, or a really big v2.0 trailer.

it's cool rigs like this that will inspire more people to take street parties away from cars & trucks! LOL
apix (author)  zeroemission5 years ago
 That sounds good i have no problem putting this on the internet, and thanks
156water5 years ago
where did u get the speakers from
What ampage was the battery you used? Nice 'structable, btw...
Wesley6666 years ago
Was there anything wrong with the concert speakers? I say why destroy them if they work?
apix (author)  Wesley6666 years ago
i didnt destroy them they still work fine
Wesley666 apix6 years ago
well ya, but most people don't have concert speakers and the ones that do don't want to take them apart to badly probably.
apix (author)  Wesley6666 years ago
i had no other use for them and its sounds just the same so theres basically no difference
I plan on building one of these, but using a Bakfiet instead of a tricycle. Sorry for commenting so much but this project has really had my mind spinning.
CarStalkerZ6 years ago
that is awesome i am so gonna make one now i dont have to use my ipod headset when i m riding
apix (author) 6 years ago
Haha thanks
You so white you make Michael Jackson look black! Nice ride, lol...