Make a Gravity Soda Holder!


Introduction: Make a Gravity Soda Holder!

Learn how to make this cool gravity soda holder. Great conversation piece! Look for the plans at the end of the video. Pause to write them down. Very simple to make.



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    Looking at the picture, I'm wondering if the balance is lost as the liquid is consumed. (Might be in the video, but I'm on limited data right now so I'm only not watching videos.)

    Had some free time on hand. Hope this helps:

    I built one of these today in shop class.  It works awesome.  It even holds a wine bottle no problem.  Piece of cake to build.


    cool!!! but it would be better if you put step by step instructions instead of a video, still it is cool!!

    Hi-  First off...COOL!!!  Thats awesome!! 

    I have a question though... the 2nd hole, the 1 3/4" one... is this hole about half way through the wood?


    Ha ha. I was just about to make an ible on how to make these for wine :D They're really easy and make cool gifts for wine lovers.

    Fantastic gizmo!!!

    Could you put the meaurements and perhaps a screenshot of the directions to use it in your description?  It's a bit hard to follow quickly (although admittedly an easy project) - getting it right the first time would be more fun!