Make a HDD Magnetic Mirror


Introduction: Make a HDD Magnetic Mirror

 Hard drives have one or more spinning reflective disks in them and make great mirrors.

Step 1: Tools and Parts

 The only tool is a security hex 8 size screw driver

-Hard Drive
-Stick (to spread glue)

Step 2: Open the Hard Drive

 Use your bit to unscrew all the screws, including the hidden ones and pop off your HDD's cover.

Sorry I took the drive apart before I started this so I didn't get pictures.

Step 3: Get the Disks Out

 There are two arms for each disk (one top, one bottom.)  These are brittle you can just break them off.  On the opposite side of the arms is a coil and heavy duty magnet, you don't want to use it NO GLUE will hold it yet, maybe try JB weld.  Bust off the other this stuff to so you can free the disks.  Now you must use your hex bit to remove the rest of the screws that hold the disks in.  Now take out the disks.

Step 4: Make M' a Mirror

 Glue the two disks together and add a cutout magnet to the back.



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    T(#) or Torx are the same thing, But a hex one is something else...

    I've actually been making something like this for a pretty long time, But I didn't make that way that the disks overlap the other's holes. It's a good Idea to change it to how you did it!

    Such a simple instructable, but so useful. I didn't have the patience to figure these steps out previously and resorted to using a sledge-hammer and a pry bar.

    Thanks! '

    1 reply

    My first few hard drives didn't look at all like this one , the dremel is a very handy tool.