Step 3: Attach the solar panel

Picture of Attach the solar panel
Did you already re-wire everything ? Well you should have read the whole instructable first.

You have to thread the wires for the solar panel through the lid of the tin first. Then you can play games with hot lead.

Put some tape (Gaff, electrical, whatever) down on on the lid to insulate the solar panel's contacts from the metal of the tin. Then glue the panel to the lid of the tin, I used double-sided tape for this.
history3236 years ago
dude in the pic you soldering iron is LAYING ON THE ELECTRICAL CORD!!! you r lucky it didnt melt through!
then again... how do we know it didn't melt?
Pgadgets6 years ago
Hey, that soldering iron kinda looks just like a screwdriver. :)