Make a Hidden and Encrypted Hard-Drive Partition for Free


Introduction: Make a Hidden and Encrypted Hard-Drive Partition for Free

This is how to make a partition, like the C: or D: drives that are already on a new computer, but it is hidden to everyone (does not show up on my computer or anything like that) and has Government-grade encryption, and all for free. It will require some basic computer knowledge and some time; as a rough guide 10 GB took about half an hour but the larger the partition the longer it takes.

Step 1: What You Will Need

For this you will need:
A computer with a working OS and the Internet
Truecrypt you can download this for free from here
A memory stick or other removable storage device (optional)

Step 2: Create the Partition (Windows)

To create the partition in windows first run the program "diskmgmt.msc" (without quotes) as an administrator it should come up with a window like Picture 1. Then you need to right click on your C:\ drive and "shrink" it by however big you want you hidden partition to be; after a few minutes it should look like Picture 2. Then right click on the unallocated space and select "New Simple Volume" and go through the menu (it doesn't really matter what drive letter or file system you choose) and then wait while it formats your drive; it will then look like Picture 3. Now right click on the drive you just made and select "Change Drive Letter And Paths" then select whichever drive letter your drive is formated as and then click "remove". It should now be named "Raw Logical Drive" and should say however big you made it; it will look like picture 4. I am still working on other Operating Systems but as soon as I get a step by step for them I will update this Instructable

Step 3: Encrypt the Partition

I am assuming truecrypt works the same on all operating systems but if it doesn't please tell me and I will change this instructable accordingly. Firstly open truecrypt (on vista you might need administrative privileges). Now follow the image notes.

Step 4: What You Can Do Now

There are a number of things that you do to make the partition more secure:

·        Hide the memory stick you put the keyfiles on (if you used keyfiles)

·        Put fake information into the main volume and put the real information into a hidden truecrypt volume

And there are a number of things you can do with this partition to make you computer more secure:

·        Having a portable web browser inside the partition so that things like bank passwords cannot be recovered from you web browser


If you come up with any more ideas please post them in a comment or PM me



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    aomei partition assistant can do with few clicks, just google it

    I seem to have successfully created the hidden drive, however when I try to access it now through TrueCrypt I get an error message saying the drive is in use! I can't even access the TrueCrypt forum to ask a question with my gmail account. This is such a nightmare - how do I reverse what I've done?

    But because it is hidden and unless you have Truecrypt installed on your computer then anyone trying to break the encryption will probably not know that it is made with Truecrypt. Plus "cracktc" uses a dictionary attack which could take millions of years if your password is 20+ characters, alpha-numeric, multi-case and has special symbols. Finally I am in the final stages of creating a program that securely deletes (overwrites the data multiple times) all the data on a partition that is opened when a hidden Truecrypt volume is opened so setting the hidden volume password as something like "aardvark" will ensure that it is opened before the real volume in a dictionary attack. Subscribe so you don't miss the instructable (It will be out in a maximum of 2 weeks)

    Update on the volume wiping program

    I have hit a dead end (a limitation of the truecrypt program) and so cannot continue with the project so sorry for anyone who wanted to know. I am going to ask truecrypt if they can add in capability for this sort of thing as soon as possible

    If you don't know how to do something you should leave it out. Delete 3 & 4 and put "I don't know about other OS" in the last step.


    3 replies

    I'd expect someone to give you answers.
    (It's an old, old internet thing where you visit a page and think "don't post content (usu a .gif graphic of a stick-figure work man) telling me you haven't put any content in here")
    Interesting idea, what are your options if you lose the keys?


    Crying like a baby. As far as I know, the data is lost. I would hope so, since if you can somehow recover it, someone else could recover it too.