Picture of Make A Keychain:D

Buying cool keychains can start to get expensive. This is gonna show you how you can make them yourself. The picture shows a few that are finished that i have already made. Hope you enjoy:)

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
First things first we need the materials.

what your gonna needs:
styrofoam board (or heavy duty paper or watever like matt board. should be thick tho)
scissors (i prefer to have a couple different sizes)
knife (exacto knives work too but i didnt have one so i just used a sharp kitchen knife)
your image (printed off pc, taken with a camera, drawn, just any kind of picture)
key rings
needle (or something sharp to make the hole with)
metal rings
markers (optional)

i know in the pic theres ribbon too but i didnt use it so yeah. theres also a hole bunch of optional stuff you could use too like glitter, sequence, stuff like that.

Step 2: "Trace" The Image

Picture of

so in the title i put trace in quotations because you want to draw around your image but not so its identical. what i mean is that the area youre going to cut from the board has to be bigger than the image you chose. the picture i chose is in the shape of a circle. i cut out a bigger circle out of the board than what the image was. ik ik its confusing but if you dont get it skip to the step where you glue the image onto the board so that you can see what i mean about the board being bigger than your image before you draw or cut anything.