Buying cool keychains can start to get expensive. This is gonna show you how you can make them yourself. The picture shows a few that are finished that i have already made. Hope you enjoy:)

Step 1: Materials

First things first we need the materials.

what your gonna needs:
styrofoam board (or heavy duty paper or watever like matt board. should be thick tho)
scissors (i prefer to have a couple different sizes)
knife (exacto knives work too but i didnt have one so i just used a sharp kitchen knife)
your image (printed off pc, taken with a camera, drawn, just any kind of picture)
key rings
needle (or something sharp to make the hole with)
metal rings
markers (optional)

i know in the pic theres ribbon too but i didnt use it so yeah. theres also a hole bunch of optional stuff you could use too like glitter, sequence, stuff like that.

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