Going camping is a great summertime activity! Hiking, sleeping under the stars, and open fires are just a few of the factors that make camping a truly memorable experience. That experience can go horribly wrong, however, if you end up getting lost in the dark! Luckily, you can easily build an emergency lantern using only K'nex and A cell phone! If you are lost and in need of light right now, why waste time? Let's get started!

Step 1: Parts

You will need: 8 white connectors, 16 red connectors, 4 grey connectors, 4 orange connectors, 24 loop (purple) connectors, 8 grey stiff rods, 2 green flex rods, 2 red rods, 16 white rods, 20 green rods, 82 grey separators, 4 blue separators, and a cellular device with a flashlight app.

Step 2: Main Pieces; Part One

Build 4 of the pieces shown.

Step 3: Main Pieces; Part Two

Separate the four pieces into two pairs. Next, connect the pairs with white rods. Finally, fill in the interior with more white rods.

Step 4: Sides

Add grey rods to one of the main pieces.

Step 5: Side Pieces; 1 & 2

Build two of the pieces shown, and add them on.

Step 6: Side Pieces 3 & 4

Build two of the pieces shown, and add them on.

Step 7: Side Pieces 5,6,7, & 8

Take four loop (purple) connectors and add them on as shown. Notice they only are attached to one rod.

Step 8: Side Pieces 9 & 10

Build two of the pieces shown. On one piece, add two green rods. Add them to the main piece.

Step 9: Side Pieces 11 & 12

Build two of the pieces shown, and add them on.

Step 10: Separators; Part One

Add 5 grey separators to the rods shown. Only add them to the rods specified!

Step 11: Side Pieces 13 & 14

Build two of the pieces shown and add them on to the rods with separators.

Step 12: Separators; Part Two

Add a blue separator on top of the pieces you just added. Next, add four more grey separators on top of them.

Step 13: Separators; Part Three

Add 10 grey separators to the other rods as shown.

Step 14: Side Pieces 15 & 16

Build two of the pieces shown. On one, add green rods. Add them to the main piece. Make sure the pieces with the grey rods are on the same side!

Step 15: Side Pieces 17 & 18

Build two of the pieces shown, and add them on.

Step 16: Top Piece

Take the other piece from step 3 and add it to the top.

Step 17: Top Pieces; Part One

Build two of the pieces shown, then add them to the top.

Step 18: Top Pieces; Part Two

Build two of the pieces shown, then add them to the top.

Step 19: Top Pieces; Part Three

Build two of the pieces shown, then add them to the top.

Step 20: Red Rods

Insert red rods through the top. Next, add grey separators as shown.

Step 21: Grey Connectors

Attach four grey connectors to the red rods as shown.

Step 22: Green Rods (Handles)

Attach two green rods to the grey connectors as shown.

Step 23: The Lantern Is Completed!

Congratulations! The lantern's frame is now complete!

Step 24: Device; Part One

Turn on the flashlight app on your device.

Step 25: Device; Part Two

To insert your device, slide the top of the lantern up as shown.

Step 26: Device; Part Three

Insert your device sideways through the front of the lantern, then rotate it to face forward. Slide the top down to secure it. You can now pick up your lantern!

Step 27: Done!!!

Congratulations!!! You now have your very own K'nex lantern!!! Enjoy using it on your awesome camping trip!!!
This is very cool!!!
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haha, 2 in 1 you can't go wrong :D
Haha yeah, but hey, it works!
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Its magic
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Nerf, nice job! I foresee many more K'nex and Iphone projects. I think you should call the 'series' I-K'nex. :3 I voted.
Thanks! I do too... I might do that, and make a guide at the end! Thanks for the idea! There's still a long way and a lot of ibles to go till then though... ;)
Awesome. I really look forward to seeing them.
nice idea
Nice! More cell phone applying projects. I could've used this when I was lighting off fireworks tonight.
Yeah, I can't wait to set off mine as well! My favorites are Roman candles because you can sh
oulder fire them. <br><br><br>I accidentally posted in the middle of a sentence... Again...
It's alright. My brother acctually told me how to use those because I had no idea.

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