In this instructable, you will learn how to make your own picture for your instructables account. Don't sweat it, because it's very easy.
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Step 2: Get a Good Photo Editing Program

Picture of Get a Good Photo Editing Program

For my logos, I used GIMP.

Here's a link to download it: ----Don't worry....It's free

*Sorry For The Tiny Picture*

Step 3: Edit Your Picture Any Way You Want It

Now, you edit the picture to give it those artsy effects like in my logos.  For example, i added color to mine to make the splatter skull turn purple. You can also add special elements, like a flare or a motion blur. This effect gives your logo some spice.

Step 4: Add a Title to Your Picture

 Now, you add a title with your user name and make it a cool looking font and color. Then, you merge the two layers together to make one.
NE patsrock3 years ago
lemonie4 years ago
They need to be square otherwise bits get cropped-off when people see it anywhere else but your page upper-left. Your examples are pretty-much square, but you should add it as a note. Also transparent & animated gifs only work on your page upper-left.

rabiddemonweasel (author)  lemonie4 years ago
Thanks. What did you say about the animated gifs?
They only work on your homepage in the big avatar picture.
rabiddemonweasel (author)  TheChemiker4 years ago
Thanks, Know-it-All