Luminaria are paper bags with a bit of sand in the bottom and a lit candle providing some light. The nicer ones (in my opinion) have patterns cut into them. Our goal here is to cut patterns into paper bags so they can be used as luminaria.

We're going to get cheap bags from a dollar store and use a laser to cut the paterns. We'll do two patterns, one that consists of simple geometric shapes and one that uses graphics from the internet.

I made this at Techshop. http://www.techshop.ws I used their Epilog laser cutter/etcher.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

* A gift bag (or several gift bags)
* Laser cutter (I used a 45 watt Epilog Helix laser cutter).  I assume in this instructable you know how to use a laser cutter.
* Piece of scrap cardboard
* Sand
* Candles
Very cool. First I need to get a laser cutter...
Man! But already spent my life savings on a 3D printer!
Well, I suppose you could print the bag (with a built-in candle holder) instead of cutting away from the bag... ;-) Hmm, maybe I'll work on that...
haha IKR!

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