Make a Magzine and News Paper Holder in Almost No Cost!!!




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Introduction: Make a Magzine and News Paper Holder in Almost No Cost!!!

Presenting ,,a very useful instructable to manage our magazines , and daily/weekly newspapers without letting them out of sight.
in my room magzines always found here and there and when required, i could not find them.
As said "necessity is the mother of inventions "
so this  instructable was my necessity., and of many of you ..
so lets start making it .
one cardboard box
two PET bottles
tools required:
a pair of scissors
sketch marker.


So lets start with the box
I advise you to take a good cardboard box little bit bigger then the breadth of magazines.
Mark a horizontal line on the front of the box, about 2/3 rd of the height of the box..(see the pics)
.Mark a  slanting line on both sides of the box from which the cardboard is to be cut.(see the pics)

Step 2: Step 2

Cut the marked lines to make it like the box in the pics.
Fold the lid of the box inwards.
make two holes near the ends of the folded lid.this is done to meke the holder hang on the wall.

Step 3: Step 3

now cut the upper part of the two PET bottles..(see the pics)
Join them by gorilla glue/tape on both the sides of the box we prepared.

Step 4: Finally

finally uour porject is ready!!
put some Mags and dailyes and hang it in your room.

comments are welcomed, leave a comment if you liked it.



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    Buddy this is excellent !
    i am definitely going to make one and VOTE for YOU !

    1 reply

    thanx man , i feel i won the competition because at least my instructable helped someone in some way ....

    Voting has started , please everyone vote for this if u liked it.i would really appreciate your help !

    This is very cool.
    I think I'll try it and cover the box with something- contact or scrapbook paper- or magazine pages/pix.

    I think you could make a great box too for all the piled up mail/bills/papers that need attending to by taking a bunch of bottles and securing them them inside the box and then sorting the stuff into the bottles- as long as they don't have to lay flat.
    I always have piles of papers around- jotted notes, ideas for art, to do lists that get lost in the piles.

    I have to try something like this.
    Thanks for the great instructable.
    It rocks.
    (I'm trying to figure out where/how to vote- When I do a vote for YOU.

    1 reply

    Thank you sooo much ! You made my day !