Living in So. California, palm trees are quite ubiquitous.  I have several in my yard, and when the winds come, the fronds of the palms are strewn all over the place.  In the past I would cut them up and send them to the recycle bin but had the idea of trying to recylcle them myself and make something of them.  I have a side yard or border area that I have been landscaping, and thought a clump of grass would be very attractive to add drama and/or contrast to the area. So I decided to use the palm fronds in "making" a natural looking clump of grass. "Grass" should last  a season, or two, and there are plenty of replacement fronds growing.  Yes, a nice specimen of real grass can be added, and I plan on doing that, perhaps placing the new plant in the same area as this one.

Step 1: Collect Wind Blown Fronds

Gather palm fronds that have blown down, or been trimmed from trees.
And no pollen!
Sweet!!!<br />
Looks like pampas, now add a few seed spikes from trimmed ones and you have perfect alternative!
My kiind of gardening!&nbsp; Whoo Hoo! :0)
Thanks for the heads up! Cman<br />
Well isn't this just dandy CMan and it looks good too. Great job!
Thanks for noticing SC! Cman<br />
It looks good, would you ever think of dying it green?<br /> <br /> L<br />
Thanks lemonie: I had thought of spraying it some color, but decided against it. the green would be interesting! Cman<br />

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