Make a Mature Clump of Grass in Less Than an Hour





Introduction: Make a Mature Clump of Grass in Less Than an Hour

Living in So. California, palm trees are quite ubiquitous.  I have several in my yard, and when the winds come, the fronds of the palms are strewn all over the place.  In the past I would cut them up and send them to the recycle bin but had the idea of trying to recylcle them myself and make something of them.  I have a side yard or border area that I have been landscaping, and thought a clump of grass would be very attractive to add drama and/or contrast to the area. So I decided to use the palm fronds in "making" a natural looking clump of grass. "Grass" should last  a season, or two, and there are plenty of replacement fronds growing.  Yes, a nice specimen of real grass can be added, and I plan on doing that, perhaps placing the new plant in the same area as this one.

Step 1: Collect Wind Blown Fronds

Gather palm fronds that have blown down, or been trimmed from trees.

Step 2: Trim Fronds to Size

Cut off frond end as shown, and cut a 2 x 2 inch stake to about 18 to 24 inches.

Step 3: Attach Fronds to Stake

Drill the stalk of the palm fronds as shown, and screw them to the 2 x 2 as pictured.

Step 4: Dig a Hole for Your Creation

I just dug down about 18 inches, and made the hole large enough to hold a 3 lb coffee can. This will be the holder for the palm fronds, much like a christmas tree stand would work.  I wanted to use the can to keep the fronds from contact with the dirt so as to prevent premature rotting of the "bush".

Step 5: Place the Clump of Fronds Into the Coffee Can

Self explanatory, I did cut several pieces of wood about 8in x1in x 3/4 to use as wedges to tamp into place around the fronds and 2 x 2.  Just use a hammer and tap them into place until you have enough to hold the fronds upright/in the position you want it to be.  Push dirt around the base, and if necessary, stand back, check alignment, and trim with scissors if necessary.  Project complete!



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    Looks like pampas, now add a few seed spikes from trimmed ones and you have perfect alternative!

    Thanks for the heads up! Cman

    Well isn't this just dandy CMan and it looks good too. Great job!

    Thanks for noticing SC! Cman

    It looks good, would you ever think of dying it green?


    Thanks lemonie: I had thought of spraying it some color, but decided against it. the green would be interesting! Cman