Picture of Make A Minecraft Cake
Part II of my Minecraft-themed birthday party. The cake.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You will need:

-Two cake box mixes. (White or yellow cake or any light colored cake would work best)
-2 to 4 jars of white butter cream or whipped frosting (more frosting if you mess up a little)
-Fruit by the Foot  - red
-Food Dye
-1 white sugar sheet
-Can of gray or silver edible color spray
-flat plate or cake stand
Benjiboy1 year ago

I Love Mine Craft Especially The Cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Favorite Youtube Minecraft Videos Are By Stampylongnose

Rai5747 Benjiboy4 months ago

Mine favourite YouTube channel for minecraft is KotoAndSen KAS.


Subdood1 year ago
Assassin4372 years ago
My Birth Day Is Coming Up And Thats My Cake..CRAP!!! Heres My Guests Steve HeroBrine Creeper Enderman Pig Cow Sheep Squid Ghast Zombie Pigman
Skeleton Zombie Spider All Villagers Snow Golem Iron Golem Magma Cube Slime Blaze Basically Everything
BuhBomb3 years ago
I probably won't get any buckets from this if I made it, would I?
kukush3 years ago
Wow! its very cute!
Very cute and tasty!