Part II of my Minecraft-themed birthday party. The cake.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

-Two cake box mixes. (White or yellow cake or any light colored cake would work best)
-2 to 4 jars of white butter cream or whipped frosting (more frosting if you mess up a little)
-Fruit by the Foot  - red
-Food Dye
-1 white sugar sheet
-Can of gray or silver edible color spray
-flat plate or cake stand
<p>my daughter wants her cake to be an ice cream cake that looks like this awesome</p>
<p>I Love Mine Craft Especially The Cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>My Favorite Youtube Minecraft Videos Are By Stampylongnose </p>
<p>Mine favourite YouTube channel for minecraft is KotoAndSen KAS.</p>
My Birth Day Is Coming Up And Thats My Cake..CRAP!!! Heres My Guests Steve HeroBrine Creeper Enderman Pig Cow Sheep Squid Ghast Zombie Pigman <br>Skeleton Zombie Spider All Villagers Snow Golem Iron Golem Magma Cube Slime Blaze Basically Everything
I probably won't get any buckets from this if I made it, would I?
Wow! its very cute!
Very cute and tasty!

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Bio: I like making little treats and pretty much doing anything crafty. I want to learn new techniques and share how I do what I do.
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