Make a Mini Electric Stove!!!





Introduction: Make a Mini Electric Stove!!!

Learn To Hack a Glue Gun and turn it into a Small Electric Stove to heat up your food. Did I mention its cheap to make and very helpful for when you don't have anything to cook your food with. Find out how by watching this video.



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the heating element exploded in my face, I'm just glad I didn't set off the smoke alarms

is this cheap and very hot?

I had this idea when looking at my glue gun... who knew they already made this?

Interesting. I think I prefer the little mini-stoves that burn your choice of readily-available fuels, from rubbing alcohol (91% ideally, but 70% will work, it just smokes like the dickens) to HEET. I would be afraid that little wire base would not be stable. Also, those will work when there is no electricity. But this was very clever, and looks very easy!


I was going to try if a solder gun could work for me. I want to build a small stove to heat up some soup and stuff when I get hungry.

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