Picture of Make A Mini LED Light
Ever find yourself in the dark? A regular sized flashlight too cumbersome? then you need a Mini LED flashlight! You can get these lights at many different stores, but what is the fun in that?

Let's make our own!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You Will Need:
CR2020 battery holder
CR2032 3v battery
Bright White LED
Normally Open Push Button Switch

tools that will help:
Soldering iron
hot glue
work station

Step 2: Size Up The Led

Picture of Size Up The Led
First you want to find how you want to position the LED on the battery holder. Once you know that you can cut one of the leads down to make room. The solder the switch to one of the led leads.

Step 3: Solder It Together

Picture of Solder It Together
This step involved one part positioning one part soldering. you need to make sure that everything fits together and that none of the leads touch, shorting out your battery. Once you do that, solder the leads to the positive and negative spots on the battery holder. trim any excess leads.

Step 4: Hot Glue!

Picture of Hot Glue!
After you solder it, i like to protect the connections with some hot glue.

Step 5: Test it Out

Picture of Test it Out
go test it out and give yourself a pat on the back for making your own led light!
holymoses9 days ago

1X CR2032 or brighter 2X 2016!

niaebarnes1 month ago
Could you list the websites where you got the parts, really want to make this!
Nice one!
One thing I noticed is that it says a CR2020 holder and a CR2032 battery, wouldn't that be a CR2032 holder?
robot+more6 years ago
it looks like the deth star from star wars
geeklord6 years ago
3V lithium batteries never sufficiently light up LED's for me....
frenzy (author)  geeklord6 years ago
that's odd, most leds run at 3v, are you sure your leds are "standard"?
geeklord frenzy6 years ago
I use the LED's that work best on 3.2-3.8 volts and 30 mA. Considering that lithium batteries start out at three volts, it never works out too well. I would much rather use something above three volts with a resistor; I have plenty.
nail face6 years ago
how many hours could this last before changing the battery?
frenzy (author)  nail face6 years ago
I'v had mine for a few months and it's still working.
Dantex6 years ago
nice, and small
suggestion - add a key ring to add it to keys so you can find right one =)
jtobako Dantex6 years ago
Add a CHAIN so you can add it to your keys so you can find the right one : )