Introduction: Make a Minty Piggy Bank

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This is a simple piggy bank or coin holder. Part of this is from photozz's Etched Minty Valentines Candy Box

Step 1: Materials

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Here they are:
1 Altoids Container
Link Etching Stuff

Step 2: Customize

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For mine I etched my name on to it using the etching instructable. You can spray paint it, or do anything you want to decorate it. Leave a small space for money hole (where yellow box is).

Step 3: Cut Hole

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Mark where you want the hole to be with a marker. Then take your knife and cut it out CAREFULLY!! You're done. Pat yourself on the back.


nicevidoe (author)2007-06-14

your a bad influence to todlers. they shouldn't be exposed to sharp objects like knives.

zjharva (author)nicevidoe2007-09-15

i am 12 years old, at the time i was 11

Izokay (author)zjharva2008-08-26


dcshoeco33 (author)2007-03-07

ummmm.... it opens just open it and put money in

lawizeg (author)dcshoeco332007-08-12

lol yea.

nicevidoe (author)2007-06-14

thta is a bad instructable.

mothflavour2 (author)2007-03-07

This should really be titled, "Take the paint off of an Altoids tin" Still, I didn't know that etchant could be used for this purpose. This is a great way for someone to make a custom-looking case for electronics projects.

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