After my first few attempts at making models using 123d catch I noticed that the models I got back were a little melted and deformed. This along with an episode of Fringe inspired me to  make a mutant version of myself. Using 123d catch, 3ds Max, and shapeways I hope to get a good final product. Ordering from Shapeways said it would take 10 days to ship, because of that I have posted the Instructable early before the make it real contest ends. 
Find the file in the 123d gallery here

Step 1: Software Needed

Unless you are a great 3D artist (I'm not) you'll want to use 123d catch (link) don't worry it's free. 
If you are a student (like me) you can use 3DS max for free (link)
If you aren't a student blender is a good option for free 3D modeling (my Instructable doesn't use this however)
The only other thing you need is about $20 and a shapeways account (or other site)

<p>you've REALLY missed a trick here. one could try rigging the model so it could be used in 3d animation rather than making it watertight for printing. i'm no expert on rigging but it should be possible with some trial and error, afterall who wouldn't want to animate themselves into a 3d scene.</p>
<p>Actually I just started rigging some things yesterday. Its not hard, and yes this will work on these models. (I have found)Instructables isn't really a place for software tutorials, but give it a try, drag out a biped then use the physic modifier on the model. YouTube has some good tuts.</p>
As a huge hitchhikers fan, I must say that I strongly approve. Good luck with the make it real challenge!
Thank you.
Very creative! I have an old picture that was taken on film with a long exposure where I made a second head, but this is much more high tech. Be sure to post the model when it arrives!
Will do. Still waiting on the weather to model the rest of the family.
This is fantastic! BTW, I smiled at your bio, I am also a terrible speller, but by golly I don't let it stop me from spelling errors in my instructables! ;) Great work 5 Stars and you should enter this in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/makeitreal/" rel="nofollow">Make it Real Contest </a>like <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/mikeasaurus/" rel="nofollow">Mikeasaurus</a> suggested. :)
I have entered this in the make it real contest. Maybe it wasn't accepted when you guys looked at it.
Oh good! I will go throw you my vote :)
Thanks. I am currently mutating the rest of my family, if I get a free print I'll post pics.
BTW if you decided that you want to do your project as your free 3D print I hope you post pictures I'm dying to see it!
If you enter this in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/makeitreal/">Make it Real Contest</a> we'll print you a <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Make-it-Real-Free-3D-Printing-Giveaway/">free 3D model</a>&nbsp;of your project!
As I said above I have entered it. How will I know if I won a 3D print?

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