Picture of Make A Paracord Dog Collar

In this instructable I will show you how to make a Paracord dog collar. You can follow the same steps and make a bracelet too if you want.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

To make the paracord dog collar you need 5 materials.

  1. Scissors
  2. Collar Chain or a Buckle
  3. Paracord
  4. A Different Colour of Paracord
  5. A Lighter

I used 14 feet of each colour and had a lot left over for a 14 inch collar so I would recommend you use less, maybe 11 feet.

Step 2: Fusing the Two Colours

Picture of Fusing the Two Colours

You need to fuse your two colours together at the ends before you start the tying. To do this you must hold them in your hand and heat them evenly until they start to melt into a blob. The paracord should be held in the blue section of your flame so that it doesnt light on fire and get black.

Step 3: Looping on to the Chain

Picture of Looping on to the Chain

You need to psuh your fused end of paracord through your chain and make a loop. After you do this push the other end of paracord through that loop all the way as i have done in the pictures.

Step 4: Other Side

Picture of Other Side

Now push the paracord through the other side, if you had a buckle you would want to push it up from the inside of what loop you made.

Step 5: The Basic Weave

Picture of The Basic Weave

The steps for this weave are very basic and remain the same for the whole collar.

  1. First step is to take your first colour (green), the one you want to be more dominant, and make a loop with it crossing over the middle as I have shown in the picture.
  2. Second step is to wrap your other colour (yellow) around and under the middle section of the collar. The picture shows this better than I can explain.
  3. Finally you want to pull the yellow cord through the green loop and pull both ends tight. You want to check your length as it gets harder and harder to adjust length the further along you go with the weave. Make sure your knots are tight and even so the collar is uniform.

Step 6: Progress

Picture of Progress

This is what yours should look like

Step 7: Progress

Picture of Progress

More progress

d8agrl4 months ago

I used chain repair links instead of D-rings (I found them in the same section as the D'rings- no weakening the chain links to get them on. Also I clipped the ends of the choke collar together with one end of an "S" hook and the other is for the leash clip. Then I wrapped one side over again (like preparing for the next knot) stuck it through the last loop so both strings were facing the same way, burned the ends together and... Voila! Thank you for the wonderful idea. One down, two to go!

d8agrl5 months ago

This may be a no-brainer, but I'm new to this DIY stuff. How did you get the D-rings on the chain. The rings I have are all welded. Thank you.

MyKrusl1 year ago
Awesome. Thanks a lot. Great job by the way.
MyKrusl1 year ago
Any info on how long the paracord should be with overall length of finished product in mind?
TheOutdoorReVolve (author)  MyKrusl1 year ago

i originally thought one foot of paracord per inch but it was more like half a foot of paracord per inch since it was such a basic knot.

crazy gurl1 year ago

wowww great work

jstnbeeks1 year ago
Made one last year, our dog had it ripped with in 4 months