Make a passive (air) cooling laptop stand. The basic principle is simply getting the laptop up off the ground (or off your lap) to facilitate natural air flow beneath the laptop. Many sell for ~$30 like the one shown in the images (and may be worth the money) but while you're deciding whether to buy one, why not make one yourself?

Step 1: Gather the Goods

Here's a picture of everything you'll need. Things not shown in the picture you might need: Sharpie and a cutting board (in the picture, just forgot to label it). I happened to have an obscene amount of dry-cleaner's clothes hangers, so that's what I decided to make it out of. Go figure. :P
this is great! but i dont have those coathangers in my country :(
Thanks. You usually get these coat hangers from the dry-cleaners when you get your clothes back, just for future reference.
we dont have drycleaners in our country (I think i never found one.) but good one i think i gonna make one of ptc tubes and some laps of wool and a few wooden sticks.
I was going to suggest that , you beat me to it. Some times you have to think outside the box for the same result. Doodado
I beat you to it by 5 years bro!
That sounds like a good idea, roeler. It will probably be stronger than mine. I'd like to see some pictures when you're done :)
I have my laptop now i need some ptc tubes...
What you think about 3/8 PVC ?
well it wouldnt be too soon because i will get my laptop in about 1 year.. when that year is over i will most definitly build this lap cooler
<strong>As a bed-bound paraplegic horizontal 24/7 I got one of these and it lasted no time at all with real use. It needs a serious remodel before it will be reliable'. Mine lasted two weeks and with nobody to help ended up in the bin.</strong><br/><br/>Paul<em></em><br/>
Ray mears would be proud lol
This is a terrific idea. It has gotten me thinking of how to adapt it to my situation and I've thought that maybe a PICTURE FRAME without the glass and backing might be the way to go. I'll bet I can pick one up for a few bucks that'll fit just fine. Many thanks!
what did i say wrong =(<br/>

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