video Make A Patterned Paper Explosion Purse
Make these patterned paper Explosion Purses to hold a treat or small gift. www.mystamplady.com
Keiah1 month ago

they are really cute but you went to fast on the foldes

Love these for a wedding
tasn10031 year ago
These are really cute!

You should have said the size of the circles by diameter, cause I don't have the circle cutter you spoke of! :-( What is the length of the strap? How about a flat pop dot for the circles on the strap? This is really a cute instructional, and I added to my favorites and am now "following" you! THANKS!

My Stamp Lady (author)  shelley echtle1 year ago

The strap is 5/8" X 8 1/2" and you can see it posted as a title in the video. The larger circle is 4" and the smaller circle is 3 5/8" in diameter. There are so many ways you could change out the embellishments to make this project your own. :) Thanks for watching the video and I am glad you enjoyed it.

That would be fun to give out for Valentine's Day :)