Step 1: Get the Cup.

You might need a cup to hold the coffee in. I don't know, I don't work at Starbucks.

Step 2: Make Coffee.

I don't know. Diarrhea looks a bit like coffee. Probably tastes just as bitter.

Step 3: Just Kidding.

I know how. Grind up coffee beans to make coffee grounds. Make sure you don't use deer poop.

Step 4: Put the Coffee Grounds in the Machine.

Do as the title says. Remember the water.

Step 5: Brew the Coffee.

This might take a while. Go watch a movie.

Step 6: Pour the Coffee

Take the cup and pour the coffee. Don't spill it.

Step 7: Drink Up!


Step 8: This Is What It Should Look Like.

This instructable is rude and nasty!
Disclaimer: Diarrhea is not a good drink. Trust me.

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