Introduction: Make a Phone Stand From a Pumpkin!

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Make a festive statement this Halloween by creating a cell phone stand from A pumpkin! Easy to make and easy to use, these harvesty-holders are the perfect way to show your seasonal style!

There's nothing like finding a new way to do something simple, and the small challenge of finding a way to get your cell phone to stand up offers infinite possibilities! Try making an earth-friendly phone stand out of a pumpkin that's cheap, simple, and very cool to use!

This idea stemmed from the time I saw a round-ish cell phone dock at the store, right next to the Halloween section. There were plenty of miniature pumpkins for sale, and I immediately imagined how fun it would be to stand up my cell using a pumpkin!

After testing my idea a few times, I came up with a simple design that will allow you to create a very customizable phone stand/dock that definitely fits in with the Halloween season. It is comfortable to hold, lightweight, stable, and easy to use!

So, without any further delay, I give you: the Pumpkin Phone Holder!!!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

You will need:

-Some mini pumpkins (at least one).
-A pencil, pen, or marker.
-A cutting tool of some sort.
-One 5g packet of black Sugru.
-A cell phone or IPod.

Step 2: Selecting a Pumpkin

Picture of Selecting a Pumpkin

You will need to choose a small pumpkin that is at least 2 Centimeters widerthan your device. Pumpkins with stems that help them to stand on their sides are preferred, as you will need less Sugru.

Step 3: Measurements

Picture of Measurements

To measure the size of your device on the pumpkin, simply stand the pumpkin on its side and prop the device up on it. Next, trace the sides of the device to get an accurate fit. Then, continue the lines so they go back at least 1.5 CM into the pumpkin. Make sure they are a constant distance apart!

Step 4: Carving the Pumpkin

Picture of Carving the Pumpkin

Start carving the pumpkin at the very top of your line, then gradually make your way down until you have removed the entire bottom/front piece, as shown.

Step 5: Scooping Out the Seeds

Picture of Scooping Out the Seeds

Using your carving tool, scoop out the seeds of the pumpkin, until you have removed all pulp and seeds. Continue scraping until you have a nice smooth surface that fits your device. You may want to dry out the inside of the pumpkin with a paper towel.

Step 6: Testing the Fit

Picture of Testing the Fit

Test the pumpkin to see if your device fits snugly. If it doesn't, continue scraping the sides until you can slide it in snugly.

Step 7: Adding the Base

Picture of Adding the Base

Using Sugru, add a base to the end of the stem and the bottom of the pumpkin. Make sure that when you stand it, the device is perfectly upright. Allow the Sugru to cure overnight.

Step 8: Done!!!

Picture of Done!!!

Congratulations! You now have a very Fall-festive phone stand! You can continue to customize this craft by adding paint, or faces, or even other parts to the pumpkin! The possibilities are endless, so keep on creating!!!


akoniecz (author)2013-10-16

Nice! an awesome follow up project would be to find a way to get a charger on the pumpkin, so it's not only a stand but it charges the phone too

nerfrocketeer (author)akoniecz2013-10-19

Yeah, thats a good idea, and as a matter of fact i do have a followup project coming sometime after the 28th...

hunter999 (author)2013-10-15

Nice cover btw, I really like it and is that nerf ammo as your background on your Ipod?? ;)

nerfrocketeer (author)hunter9992013-10-15

You mean the case? Thanks, but its pretty old now, and its broken in places... Yes that is a Nerf ammo wall from NerfModWorks. I didn't use mine (wallpapers) cause I liked all the green and orange for Halloween in this one.

hunter999 (author)2013-10-15

Wow! Awesome idea!!! =D This is a nice use for my Sugru!

Very ingenious nerfrock! You have earned my vote :-)

nerfrocketeer (author)hunter9992013-10-15

Thanks! It also works with a foam pumpkin. Thanks for the vote!

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-10-15



nerfrocketeer (author)2013-10-15

Thanks for voting!

Yeah it is a good idea to use a foam pumpkin, if you want it to last, but I prefer the real thing because... well It's REAL.

I like my iPod, but I really have no preference when it comes to phone brands... I do like the speed of apple products though, and the internet browser is superior IMO. You have the galaxy, I assume? It's also a great phone.

Jackoffmanytrades (author)2013-10-13

Wow not a good idea. It will void apple warranty if it messed up and they find pumpkin mush anywhere on the phone. Also it'll start to rot from the heat and you'll have pumpkin in the charger port then you can charge it. If you want something like this use a different material and form it instead of using something that'll ruin your phone.

I see your points, but:

-You dry off the pumpkin, so it is no longer mushy or wet.
-This is to be stored in a cool place when not in use.
-It is fall now, so it is no longer hot or even warm anywhere near here... I don't see any risk of heat decomposition
-Some IPod cases have covers for the charger port, audio port, and of course the rest of the device. I suggest using this typ of case.

But you could also use a faux pumpkin from the craft store if you want a permanent one.

Please do not go around the site saying people do not have good ideas.Dissig people's ideas like this makes them feel disrespected. I suggest you use constructive criticism, and give suggestions for improvements, instead of stating the negative points in someone's Instructables. Common courtesy.

singingfroyoqueen (author)2013-10-13

You should enter that in a halloween competition! ;)

Thanks! I did, but it hasn't been reviewed yet. :)

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