Greetings! This instructable will show you that you can use an Ice Breakers Sours container to store your guitar/bass picks. It's simple, it's easy but why not share this with you? Also, why waste your hard earned cash on some stupid guitar pick storage box [that is most likely over-priced] when you can make your own? It's cheap, simple, easy and effective. Save some cash and get creatin'. Let's begin!


You will need the following:

1) An Ice Breaker Sours container [OR any other container that you want to use]

2) Some guitar picks or bass picks [OR other things you may want to store. REMEMBER: this is not only for guitar/bass picks. You can use it to what you feel is right.]

3) Some Paper Towel

4) A little soap + water
dude, I got some suction cups, and put them on the inside so the picks stay put and put some on the back so it;s mountable, i'd make an instructable but ican't get pictures...
that sounds like that would be a good idea but how do you get the suction cups to stay on the picks? let me know, cause i wanna give it a shot.
well, the suction cups just hold 'em there, you lick the bottom, and they stay., bou you can hot glue them in
i'm gonna give it a shot just to put on my bass or my guitar. if so i'll show a pic if it worked.
i keep my spare bowstring in one of theese
that's cool. thanks for checking out my instructable. yeah the great thing about ice breakers containers is that they are versatile for a lot of things.

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Bio: I enjoy being creative and sharing my ideas with others therefore I have made a few instructables! :)
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