Picture of Make A Pick Holder From An Ice Breakers Sours Container
Greetings! This instructable will show you that you can use an Ice Breakers Sours container to store your guitar/bass picks. It's simple, it's easy but why not share this with you? Also, why waste your hard earned cash on some stupid guitar pick storage box [that is most likely over-priced] when you can make your own? It's cheap, simple, easy and effective. Save some cash and get creatin'. Let's begin!


You will need the following:

1) An Ice Breaker Sours container [OR any other container that you want to use]

2) Some guitar picks or bass picks [OR other things you may want to store. REMEMBER: this is not only for guitar/bass picks. You can use it to what you feel is right.]

3) Some Paper Towel

4) A little soap + water
JAZ975 years ago
i sue small protable dental floss takes som enginerring but its easy and i use my wn home made guitar picks.
bassmonkey6 years ago
dude, I got some suction cups, and put them on the inside so the picks stay put and put some on the back so it;s mountable, i'd make an instructable but ican't get pictures...
punkrules (author)  bassmonkey6 years ago
that sounds like that would be a good idea but how do you get the suction cups to stay on the picks? let me know, cause i wanna give it a shot.
well, the suction cups just hold 'em there, you lick the bottom, and they stay., bou you can hot glue them in
punkrules (author)  bassmonkey6 years ago
i'm gonna give it a shot just to put on my bass or my guitar. if so i'll show a pic if it worked.
lennyb6 years ago
i keep my spare bowstring in one of theese
punkrules (author)  lennyb6 years ago
that's cool. thanks for checking out my instructable. yeah the great thing about ice breakers containers is that they are versatile for a lot of things.