Picture of Make A Planter Fit For A King!
Recently, I purchased some stepping stone molds to make a walkway in the garden.  I really like the art entailed in the stepping stones, and the idea came to me to make a display piece which would incorporate a painted, detailed stepping stone as one of the side panels of the planter. This instuctable shows how to do it!

Step 1: Materials Used

Picture of Materials Used
1.  Ready mix concrete, one 60lb. bag will make six stepping stones.
2.  Some plywood, 3/8 inch minimum thickness. I needed four pieces, 12 inches x 14 inches long, for the sides, and one piece for the bottom. It is cut to fit by placing piece of plywood over opening, and marking where needed. This assures a tight fit.
3.  "Siding" material for the planter sides...I made mine out of re-used fence boards. This means no finishing needed as it gives a rustic appearance.
4.  Screws to hold it all together, specifically, 1 x 1/4in and, 1 x 5/8 in drywall screws.
5.  Liquid Nails or other suitable adhesive.
6.  Asphalt emulsion to line planter with.
7.  Black plastic, as a trash bag, to use as an insert to prevent water damage to wood parts.
8.  Stepping stone mold...If interested, ask and I wil give source.
AmyInNH1 year ago

Beautiful. This one planter is enough character for a whole patio.

danwsmith74 years ago
I would also like to know your stepping stone supplier because this box is rad and I want to make one for my mom;s garden
Creativeman (author)  danwsmith74 years ago
Thanks so much I have wanted to experiment with molding concrete for sometime now. Thanks again
bigloaf4 years ago
Hi Creativeman, You've done it again!! Do you ever sleep? If you don't mind sharing the source of your stepping stone mold supplier it would be much appreciated. Thank you. What's next?
wilgubeast4 years ago
That looks great. Only 51 more to do to complete the deck.
sunshiine4 years ago
Nice job! Thanks for sharing!