Step 5: Make Top Lip of Planter

To enhance the appearance and shape of the planter, I constructed the top lip out of boards cut to size on the table saw.  I also used the cut off miter saw to cut these pieces to a 45 degree angle to make a tight fit.
<p>Beautiful. This one planter is enough character for a whole patio.</p>
I would also like to know your stepping stone supplier because this box is rad and I want to make one for my mom;s garden
Thanks so much I have wanted to experiment with molding concrete for sometime now. Thanks again
Hi Creativeman, You've done it again!! Do you ever sleep? If you don't mind sharing the source of your stepping stone mold supplier it would be much appreciated. Thank you. What's next?
That looks great. Only 51 more to do to complete the deck.
Nice job! Thanks for sharing!

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