Step 4: Assemble All Parts and Attach to Wall or Bench With Flange

Using PVC cement, weld parts together.  Have the drilled piece of wood in hand so that you can check the alignment of the holes to the wood.  It's easy to be off on this step, and if so, the board won't fit!  I use a pipe wrench so that I can make bike stand level and make sure the stand doesn't move one way or another.
<p>Hey, Creativeman</p><p>When I downloaded the pdf, there were no pics.</p><p>What happened? I tried it several times.</p><p>Your other Instr pdfs are fine. Just this one has the issue.</p>
Hey, that back wheel is spinning!
Great idea! <br>In my never ending quest to have things fold bend and transform. I thought you could attach the front wheel holder the rack. The rear block could stay stationary and the front one swing up next to the rack. <br> <br>I attached a very high quality drawing that I spent hours on. <br> <br> <br>
Thanks for your comment, however, I'm not sure what you are meaning here!
I was thinking extend your stop blocks up (brown) to where they reach the horizontal block of wood and bolt it there so it can swing (red) up out of the way (orange). <br> <br>does that make any more sense?
instead of using a stop block on the front wheel you can just use a bungee cord around the seat tube and lock both ends on a spoke and it keeps it from moving. <br>this is what i do with my stand. great to see how you tackled the issue though c:

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