This will show you how to choose materials and how to construct it.

Step 1: Body

There are many things that you can use for the body. I use PVC pipe but other options are: metal(light weight ones), cardboard, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and plastic. I use PVC pipping because it's easy to cut, fairly cheap, and easy to get. You will need one that is light weight and strong.
<p>NOT a good idea to &quot;blend it with a coffer grinder&quot; to make it more smooth. If you want a finer powder, use a coffee grinder on the KNO3 BEFORE mixing it with the other ingredients, and use a grinder that is dedicated to that use only. Hand mix the ingredients together using wooden or plastic utensils, until well combined. Melting and stirring the the mixture will combine them well. DO NOT USE any steel pans or utensils. Use a candy thermometer to check the temperature. The flash point of this fuel is fairly low (around 450 F.) so heat it slowly and stir so the fuel on the bottom doesn't get too hot. Think SAFETY.</p>
<p>You are right, I did blend one at a time but i was typing it up to fast i edited it. Thanks jalexancder23</p>
<p>What did you do with the rust?</p>
<p>You put it in the fuel when you are mixing it.</p>
<p>How does the rocket work?</p>
<p>The thrust of the fuel is shot through a nozzle which compresses the thrust making it more powerful and creating lift.</p>

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