Make a Rainbow Loom Diamond Bracelet




Introduction: Make a Rainbow Loom Diamond Bracelet

Step 1: Materials

1 loom, 1 hook, bands and a clasp. Make sure your loom has the arrow pointing away from you.

Step 2: Pattern

Put an A band (first colour) down from middle to the left. Then do it to the right, left to middle and right to middle.

Step 3: Finish Placing

Repeat placing the bands in the same order down the rest of your loom. Place a band from the middle to the right.

Step 4: Turn the Loom

Turn the loom so the arrow is facing towards you.

Step 5: Looping Pattern

Loop the middle band on top to the left, then the other band on the peg to the right. Loop from the left to the middle and the right to the middle. Repeat that all the way up the loom.

Step 6: Finishing

Pull your hook through the band at the top, pull a band through. Pull it off the loom.

Step 7: Done!!!

Pull it off the loom and you have a diamond bracelet. You will most likely NOT need an extension!!! Clip it and you're done!



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