Make a Rainbow Loom Single Chain Bracelet on the Loom




Introduction: Make a Rainbow Loom Single Chain Bracelet on the Loom

this is how to make a rainbow loom single chain bracelet!!! Follow me on instagram @allikat2706!!!

Step 1: Materials

1 loom 1 hook 21+ bands

Step 2: 1st Band

Make sure the arrow is pointing away and put your first band diagonally from the centre to the left.

Step 3: Next

Now, place the next band from the left peg to the centre

Step 4: Continuing

Continue up the loom until you have 1 band left

Step 5: Cap Band!!!

Put a cap band on to stop those annoying bands that fall out!!!

Step 6: Looping

Put your hook inside the cap band, pick up your bottom band and bring it to the next peg. Repeat

Step 7: Looping

Step 8: Done!!!

Stick your hook in the last band and you're done!!! Add a clip to both ends and it is wearable!!!

Step 9: More Photos!!!



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