I love dogs. Because dogs are AWESOME! Big dogs are SUPER awesome, but they can go through normal leashes like candy. Thankfully, Tandy's leather makes a great leather kit which holds up to serious abuse. They normally range from $8.00-25.00 depending on where you buy yours. Ebay is pretty popular. You can also do a basic web search for "leather dog leash kit." Or you can make your own kit by taking a basic belt blank ($5-8), mod it with a large stainless steel lobster clasp ($3 on ebay) or other clasp of your choice, and 4 extra long rivets.

To Make You Will Need:

leather blank
lobster clasp
metal rivets
dye (oil or acrylic)
water resistant finish
paint brush or sponge

           Here's the happy husky out for a stroll in his new pride and joy at our wedding. He loved the attention and best of all he has a great time going for walks. This has lasted over a year with serious abuse and he normally pops through a leash every 2-3 months. Did I mention huskies are strong sled dogs? I added a picture of Chino fake pulling me for laughs.

Step 1: Lay Out Your Supplies and Make Sure Nothing Is Missing

Alright, for this part, I just broke open the bag and laid out all the pieces. If you are making the Tandy kit, you should have the following:

leather handle (12-14 inches)
lobster clasp (1 1/4 inch size)
leather leash (main body) (rooughly 70 inches)
leather end
paint brush
oil dye
water protector or sealer
4-6 extra long rivets

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