Step 1: Gather Materiels

Shrinky dink (available at any craft store) Carving utensil for accuracy Oven Oven mitts Hole punch Thin para chord Flame

Step 2: Shape the Tag As You See Fit

Sometimes it helps to trace around a current tag or even a silver dollar--- get creative

Step 3: Inscribe Tag Info in Center

Name, dogs name, #, email, address... What have you--- just make sure to leave room for the hole in which the para cord will connect it to your collar

Step 4: Hole Punch Near Top of ID and Slip Para Cord Through the Hole

The para cord should be thin enough to fit through the hole with a little extra slack-- when you feel it is at the desired length grab a lighter and burn both ends of the cord together

Step 5: Slip It on the Dogs Collar

And be wowed by how quick and easy it was to ID your dog all on your own!
At your local art supply
Wait, shrinky dinks are still available. All these years I thought they went extinct. You just made my day!

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