Picture of Make A Soft Puppet part 1
       This Instructable is the first of two that will help you create a soft puppet (out of foam). This puppet will be made from block foam instead of the thinner sheet-like upholstery foam. I got my foam as scraps from a local fabric shop, otherwise its costs around $30 for a block of it. But for this project the condition of the foam doesn't really matter.

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Step 1: Supplies needed...

Picture of Supplies needed...
You will need:

1). Foam: I had two separate pieces of foam, but one would be ideal.

2). Cardstock

3). Pens and scissors

4). Hot glue gun

5). cardboard

6). An Idea! ---- drawn out on a piece of paper is helpful.

Step 2: Drawing/Shaping

Picture of Drawing/Shaping
       If you have two smaller pieces like me, put them out as shown and draw out your design (preferably with the mouth placed where the two pieces meet, so as to avoid extra cutting). If not, just draw out your character onto the foam using a pen (most any work). Mine has shaded areas at the cheekbone and eye-sockets where I with delve into to create a more 3 dimensional effect. Once you have drawn your puppet onto the foam, begin to cu the general shape out, again if you have just one piece, you can cut the whole oval of your puppet's head out, whereas I have to make two half-ovals. The cutting (done with scissors) does not need to be particularly careful, since any un-smooth areas will become smooth after the fabric is applied to the foam . ( as you can see, so far mine doesn't look to pretty).

Tip: when cutting foam with scissors, if it becomes hard to cut, place your thumb and forefinger ( while pinched together) on the line you are cutting, and spread them out a tiny bit as if you were zooming in on an iPhone. This will create enough tension in the foam so that it is easier to snip at.