Introduction: Make a Table Tennis Bat!

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I wanted to make my own table tennis bat and couldn't find any instructables on the matter, so I decided to make one. This is my first instructables so here goes!

Step 1: You Will Need:

- Table tennis bat rubbers
- plywood (no more than 9mm)
- Small planks for your handle
- Paper
- Pen
- Jigsaw
- Sanding/grinding wheel
- Sandpaper
- Varnish
- Some sort of flexible glue (like silicone)
- Wood glue (PVA)

Step 2: Tracing

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Trace the shape of your bat rubbers. You can freehand the handle, but I borrowed a friends bat and used it as a guide.

Step 3: Tracing

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Trace your template onto your plywood.

Step 4: Cut It Out

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Using your traced line and a jigsaw cut out the shape of your bat (sorry no picture) you can then neaten it up in a later step.

Step 5: Sanding

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Sand your bat to remove burrs and splinters, first use a rough grain then move onto a finer one.

Step 6: Handle

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Get or cut yourself some small planks that will fit your handle, decide on the thickness yourself, but I found about 9mm was good.

Step 7: Glue the Handle

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Glue the handle parts onto your main body using wood glue (PVA) and clamps, leave it over-night to dry.

Step 8: Shaping the Handle

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Using your sanding or grinding wheel (I was using a very hard wood and found a grinding wheel best) shape your handle until comfortable,keep checking how it feels in your hand while doing this.

Step 9: Varnishing

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I recommend varnishing your bat, whether you use matt or gloss it helps prolong its life, I personally prefer gloss for looks. Varnish the handle and the edges, don't bother doing the middle as this will be covered by the pads later.

Step 10: Glue the Pads

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Using your silicone or other flexible glue, stick the rubber pads (this is in place of sponge pads underneath) onto your base piece, leave to dry over-night.

Step 11: Refining the Shape

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If your base piece is still visible around the edges of the pads, use your sanding or grinding wheel to fix this.

Step 12: Finished!

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You have now made your own Table Tennis bat, well done, buy yourself an ice-cream, now go and try it out!


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