Picture of Make A Tiny Model Sword From Solder Scraps
A while ago at a robot competition, my friends were playing with solder wire, making flimsy little swords and hitting each other with them. Later, I was wondering if it was actually possible to make a usable blade with solder, and so the Solder Sword was born. (Ok, its really just a little knife, but it looks like a miniature sword.)
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Step 1: Materials & Tools

Picture of Materials & Tools
Scrap pieces of waste solder
Whatever you want to use for the handle and sheath

Soldering Iron
Candle Hammer
Anvil (I used a metal weight)
Dust Mask

Step 2: Casting A Solder Ingot

Picture of Casting A Solder Ingot
I started by making an aluminum foil mold in the shape of a long bar, and melting solder scraps in it using the soldering iron and candle.

Step 3: Forming The Blank

Picture of Forming The Blank
13, 21:41.jpg
13, 21:41.jpg
I hammered the bar flat using, well, a hammer. Solder is brittle, but you can make it easier to flatten by holding it over the candle with pliers. If it does break, you can solder it back together using the iron. At the end you should have a long flat bar of solder.
BuddyP9 months ago

really neat great job