Every parent knows what it's like when your little one is obsessed with a particular electronic toy, and some of these (especially the really cheap ones) can be downright obnoxious! Here is how to turn down the volume so your little one can still push all the buttons... Without pushing yours.

You Will Need:

-small screwdrivers
-cotton balls
-obnoxiously loud electronic toy

***EDIT: I am NOT an electrician. I have no idea if this is safe to do. A couple of people have commented that placing cotton balls inside an electronic device could pose a fire hazard. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Step 1: Remove The Batteries

You don't want to zap yourself while disassembling the toy. Plus, it's obnoxiously loud and you're about to pull your hair out. Set the batteries in a safe place out of reach of your child.
<p>Oh my goodness. This is probably the best use of electrical skill I've ever seen. Little kid toys that make sounds are so annoying and they never get bored of it. I would love to make it so the toys are more quiet. Now that is the correct way to use electrician skills for the greater good of mankind's ears. <a href="http://www.ajcelectrical.com.au" rel="nofollow">http://www.ajcelectrical.com.au </a></p>
This seems dangerous..
This is a terrible idea. Cotten wool balls are extremely flammable and putting them next to electrical connections that can case heat and sparks is a fire hazard. Better of putting in a resistor to limit power to speaker or something

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