Make A Variation Of The Concrete Doorstop

Picture of Make A Variation Of The Concrete Doorstop
I viewed Cheng Concretes instructable on how to make a concrete door stop and liked it very much. I have been making concrete letters for some time and found their technique interesting.  See here: I know, however that their door stop would last about two door openings/closings before it broke at my house. So I thought of how I could make the stop block but do it in a more substantial manner, i.e., one that would last for a good long time. Thanks to Cheng Concrete for their informative and interesting project!
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Step 1: All You Need To Make A Concrete Doorstop

Picture of All You Need To Make A Concrete Doorstop
1.  First, make the letters for STOP.  As suggested by Cheng, I used my word processor, selected "impact font", and sized it to fit on one page, 8.5 by 11, the standard copy paper size.
2.  Two cement/concrete products: the first is for the letters themselves and is a product called Cement All.  It is used for repairing cracks, anchoring bolts and other, similar tasks.  It is rapid setting and is considerably stronger than regular cement or concrete mix due to special additives and hardening agents.
3.  You'll need to make a form for the project, mine was cut from scrap shelving, plastic covered mdf and was about 7 by 11 inches.
4.  Sundry other supplies/toools such as trowel, wheelbarrow, measuring can, basin to mix in, etc.
5.  While the Cheng instructable used a hand held jig saw to cut the foam with, I chose to use my hotwire machine.
6.  Styrofoam, or similar product, 1 to 2 inches in thickness.  I had some that was about 1.25 in. thick, and this was fine.

Step 2: Cut Letters

Picture of Cut Letters
Make letters to size you want.  Mine are about 4 inches high.  See more instructions on photo included.

Step 3: Pin Letters To Styrofoam Block

Picture of Pin Letters To Styrofoam Block
Secure letters by tacking onto the foam blank.  Since I had used regular copy paper, I used more pins than would have been necessary had I used card stock to print out my letters.  Either way works.
Cacadogg10 months ago
Love it~! But do you add anything to the bottom of the concrete doorstop to keep it from scratching your floor??!
Creativeman (author)  Cacadogg10 months ago
Thanks...I didn't but it would be a simple task to glue some felt to he bottom witrh spray adhesive.
Creativeman (author) 11 months ago
Thanks for the comment is the colorant I use, there are many others.
shazni11 months ago
Thanks! very nice :-)
for you add any acrylic paint or food coloring to cement?
or is there a special product for it?

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